Training Solutions

Using our in-house expertise and panel of experts we specialize in conducting web based or onsite training sessions for clinical research and CRO business development professionals.

Some of the training modules are –

For clinical research professionals

  1. Project Management Modules
  2. SOP Creation and Management (for all major functions of a full service clinical research division)
  3. Regulatory Affairs – India specific
  4. Departmental Training Programs including but not limited to study management, project management, quality assurance, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, data management, biostatistics, medical writing and others
  5. Training programs for Investigator sites – GCP trainings and others

For CRO business development professionals

  1. Strategic Account Management
  2. Anatomy of RFPs and Strategic proposal management
  3. Effective contract management practices
  4. Marketing communication management including content design and creation for webinars

For more information on our training modules please contact